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Review – eShakti Cowl Neck Birdsong Dress

A while back, I promised pictures and a review of some of my purchases from eShakti. Finding a time when I’m wearing makeup, happy with my hair, haven’t spilled on myself, don’t have other commitments, and have access to a camera and some half-way decent lighting is not as easy as it sounds.

I had aspirations of being like the bloggers who are featured on the eShakti site – a beautifully artsy shot of me against a garden backdrop, or me walking confidently down the middle of a quiet road, or me looking contemplatively off into the distance in the middle of an urban jungle. Of course, one can’t achieve those kinds of pictures without help; Hubby offered me his tripod, and The King’s favorite setting on his camera is “Fish Eye Lens.” Ok, fine, I’ll do it by myself. If you aren’t impressed by selfies taken in the bedroom mirror, I apologize in advance.

The outfit that I chose to feature first is actually my most recent purchase from eShakti. One of the things I love about this company is that they rotate color options on quite a few of their styles, so if you see a dress shape that interests you, but the color is wrong, keep checking back because it’s pretty likely that it will be offered in a different color in a few weeks. eShakti offers a very nice $25 discount for first time orders, but if you use my referral link, eShakti has generously upped the first time order credit to $35.

IMG_0002 IMG_0004

I first saw the Cowl Neck Birdsong Dress in a deep eggplant color; I loved the style, but I wasn’t sure about the color. When I saw it offered in Sunkist Coral a few weeks later, I couldn’t resist. I ordered without customization, and it’s great as-is, though I think it could be really cute with sleeves added, too. In the last few days, it’s been listed in Peacock Green, if Sunkist Coral isn’t your thing.

I can’t help but feel happy when I wear this dress. The color is so cheerful, and the jersey makes it feel like I’m wearing my favorite comfy t-shirt. I get tons of compliments on this dress, which tells me the dress looks as good as it feels. Last week, I was waiting for the elevator after a long day at work, and starting to feel a little grumpy. The grumpy feeling didn’t get any better when the elevator finally arrived without room to get on – but I was laughing by the time the elevator doors closed because one person in the elevator shouted “I love your dress” to me, which made the other 10 people jammed in there take notice and shout compliments through the closing doors, too.

The best thing about this dress is the fabric. It’s super comfortable, washes well, and doesn’t require ironing, even on the appliques. It’s a thick, soft cotton knit with some weight to it, which gives it shape and makes it hang nicely, but keeps me nice and cool on warm days. The cowl neck is fuss free because it falls from pleats in the shoulders; other cowl neck tops I’ve owned looked good, but needed constant attention because they’d flop in a weird way if I moved too much. The elasticized waist on this dress is nice because it helps the dress stay where it’s supposed to be, but isn’t too restricting.

I only have one minor complaint, and it’s easily avoidable; if I carry too much in the pockets, it causes the dress to stretch from the shoulders and sag under the arms. Luckily, a trip through the washer tightened up the knit and restored the original shape to the dress, and I now know not to put anything more than my phone and my keys in my pockets.

I mentioned customization a little earlier in this post, and I want to make sure I highlight that aspect of eShakti, because it’s really cool. For every order, eShakti requires your height, so there’s no more worry about whether a dress will be a mini-skirt on a tall person or a maxi-dress on a shorter person. While you might need to wait a few weeks for a color you like, you don’t need to wait to get the perfect fit for you. eShakti is really consistent with the measurements they use for standard sizes, but they also offer customization for a mere $7.50. You can do something as simple as modify the neckline, sleeves and/or hem length on a standard size, or you could send eShakti your measurements and have them create a dress that is made specifically for your body. I’ve even seen a handful of cases where people have entered a special request in the comments box, and eShakti has delivered, though I haven’t tried this myself. It’s because of this personalization that delivery time is 14 business days (18 calendar days) after your order; everything is made when you order, to your specifications.

I’ve seen some complaints online regarding eShakti’s customer service. Personally, I have never had any trouble, but I have noticed that responses are a little slower right after they’ve done a big promotion, and around holidays. The month before Easter I saw response times a little slower than usual, but I imagine they had a pretty big uptick in orders because who doesn’t want a pretty new dress for Easter? As long as you keep that in mind, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.

I should mention that my clothes from eShakti were purchased by me with my own money; I do receive a referral bonus if you make your first order through my referral link, but I am not otherwise compensated for my reviews. If you’re interested in getting your own referral link, I encourage you to check out their referral page here.