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Shades of Grandma

When I was a little girl, I noticed something about my grandma. She rarely wore makeup, with the exception of lipstick. It’s because of her that I now have an obsession with bright lipstick.

Her lipstick of choice always Revlon Moon Drops in the most pigmented, crazy shades of hot pink or blue-based red. Even just writing about her I can picture her with her shiny dark green tube of lipstick and a little leather lipstick case with a tiny mirror inside, reapplying at the dinner table after a meal. I always asked to try some on, but she would tell me that redheads can’t wear bright lipstick. I grew up believing that.

For years I chose lipsticks with names like Soft Mushroom or Warm Raisin, but I still craved something a lot more daring. It’s not until you go to choose a lipstick, though, that you realize not all reds are equal. Early on in my experiments with red lips I bought the brightest, most crayon red color I could find. It scared me away from anything bold for a good, long time.

Sometime in the last 8 to 10 years, a movement started, though, that reawakened my desire for red. Red hair became popular again, and suddenly there were all kinds of articles about how to choose the perfect red lipstick to complement a new hair color. It gave me the confidence to try again. There were a few more epic fails, but I learned from each one, and now red is my go-to color. I don’t have a lipstick case, but I do think of Grandma every time I reapply.

Two of my favorites