Monthly Archives: August 2014

Back At It – With a Few Egrets

Well, I was on a roll for a while, wasn’t I? Then I fell off the face of the Earth, as I often do with blogging. This is why I gave myself permission to suck once in a while: it gives me the courage to come back and start writing again without shame.

A big reason I haven’t posted in a while is because I found myself wanting to capture a pretty awesome moment in the most descriptive way possible, and wound up creating something even a Thomas Kincaide fan would have found too idyllic for their tastes. I decided against publishing the piece, and found myself not wanting to come back and look at it again, even if just to trash it.

It really was a fantastic moment I wanted to capture – the boys, my mother and I had dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant, and then drove down to Eastern Point Beach in Groton, Connecticut to watch the sunset. We were all back in the car, headed back to mom’s house, when we came around the corner, with the sunset at our backs, and saw at least a dozen Great Egrets roosting in the trees in the salt marsh. I didn’t have a camera, but I don’t think any picture I could have taken would have done the moment justice. In lieu of my own picture, and instead of me trying to describe it, I’ll invite you to check out a really nice blog that I found titled The Great Egrets of Avery Point. There are some great pictures of the egrets and other fauna that frequent the marshes at various times of the year. Enjoy!

So, with that hurdle conquered, I am back at it with no regrets – just a few egrets.