DIY: The “Fakkare” Hair Clip

In my internet travels, several times I’ve come across hair accessories from a company named Ficcare. In particular their beak clips, also known as the Maximas clip, are especially popular. These clips come in a variety of colors and sizes, and feature a very strong spring which securely and comfortably holds all kinds of hair styles, lending a polished look that a pony tail holder can’t achieve.

Sounds great, right? The one drawback for me is the price. While Ficcare makes a good quality hair clip, I still can’t bring myself to spend $40+ for one, especially because most of the colors I want have been sold out for months. So, what’s a frugal girl to do? Create a knock off!

While browsing at Ulta one day, I came across the Karina Flamingo Clip. It closely resembles a Ficcare, but it only comes in one color. On the upside, it’s significantly cheaper than a Ficcare, especially if you catch it on sale. Ulta periodically offers $3.50 off $10 coupons – combine these with their periodic sale price, and you could get 2 of these clips for $10.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself why you would want two clips of the same color. Here’s the beautiful thing – the clips are easily paintable! All you need is some free time, a small amount of acetone, a cotton ball, a bottle of your preferred nail polish color and a decent quality nail polish top coat.  Use the acetone and cotton ball to clean any dirt and finger prints off the face of the clip. Once it’s dry, start painting with your nail polish; you may need several coats, depending on the nail polish formula. Build up the color to your liking, allowing each coat to dry between applications, and then seal with the top coat. If you get bored, just use a nail polish remover to bring the clip back to its original color and repaint!

My two clips are pictured below. The blue one is “For Audrey” by China Glaze and the green one is “Show Me the Way” by Sinful Colors, with a hand drawn design using black nail art polish. These clips are both about 2 years old, and have seen moderate use, though neither shows much wear and tear at all. I carry these around in my handbag or pocket, and they take a good amount of abuse. I originally thought I would switch out the colors once in a while, but I’ve been so happy with the way they turned out, I haven’t been tempted to change the color or design.


The real-deal Ficcare is certainly a beautiful thing, and I would still like to invest in a clip one day. In the meantime, I’m thrilled with my Fakkares!


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