eShakti – My Current Obsession

You’ve likely seen the eShakti ads if you’ve been on the internet at all in the past year. They feature adorable dresses and the promise of all sizes, 0 to 36, plus custom sizes.

If you’re anything like me, you viewed these ads with skepticism. I have a long history of disappointment with quality, sizing and styling from companies that claim to cater to “all sizes.” I am not a larger version of a wire-thin model with no hips and no bust, but it seems a lot of companies believe that of their clientele. Or, if a company does a halfway decent job at designing for larger figures, the quality is disappointing.

eShakti kept popping up on my radar, though, so I started reading reviews; and there are plenty of reviews! The vast majority of people writing about eShakti are writing good things. These women are all kinds of shapes and sizes, and nearly all of them are exceedingly pleased with their selections. What grabbed my attention the most was the opinions of the tall women and the plus sized women. I believe if you can satisfy those two groups, you’re a clothing company worth my time.

Hesitant about spending a lot of money on my first foray, I took advantage of the $25 new customer credit , and combined it with a good value from the overstock section. I ordered an adorable sleeveless cotton poplin Henley in kelly green with satin gold penny farthing bicycles embroidered around the hem.



When it arrived, it was even better than I imagined. The cotton was crisp and pleasantly thick, and the shirt fit well, even in the trouble spots like under the arms and across the bust. Any lingering apprehension about ordering from eShakti was gone, and the obsession was born.

I’ll post more about eShakti in the coming weeks, including pictures of my outfits, which make me happy every time I wear one. In the meantime, use my referral link for an even deeper discount on your first order. eShakti has generously upped the first time order credit to $35, if you go through my link. Happy shopping!


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