Monthly Archives: April 2014

Finding a Routine

I’ve always liked the idea of diaries, journals and blogs, but I always get hung up in the idea that I have to have a theme, and I have to write Something That Means Something. I sporadically follow fashion, makeup and mommy blogs, and have often tried to find a topic that I want to write about with regularity. I have often failed.

I knew I wanted to try something different with this iteration of my blogging pursuits. Instead of picking one aspect of my life to write about, I’m giving myself the space to write about all of it.

I’m also giving myself permission to suck, royally, once in a while. Writing is an art, and writing well takes practice. I don’t have to craft a masterpiece each time I post an entry…that much pressure is usually why I stop writing. If I give myself the freedom to write about anything, then I’ll write, instead of feel paralyzed by having to stay on topic. If there is no topic, then anything can be my topic of the day.

I grew up with the Women’s Lib movement – now it’s time for Woman’s Lib.